Some of the Important Facts That Are Associated to the American Flag

The next fact that one has to learn about the American flag is that it has 27 official versions. June every year is a celebration that marks the day on which the official version of the American flag was adopted. The previous versions of the American flag have thirteen stars placed in a circle. Also, there were thirteen stripes that alternated from red and white.  There is long maintenance of the 50 starred American flags. 

This is the version that was designed by a high school student.  The 17 years old student was from Ohio and was named Robert G. Heft.  These was after they had been given a projects to do and he came up with the idea. At that time, it was disregarded as not unique by their teacher.  Heft's effort was recognized by President Eisenhower when he noticed the design of the flag.  The president loved the design and was introduced officially to America on 14 th July 1960.

 In conclusion, one will learn that there was a flag code that was released.  The flag code was realized in 1942 by Franklin.  The handling of the flag,  how and when is what was in the flag code that was developed.  Click here on this site to learn more about the this service codes.

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